this ep was perfect let me tell you why

  • regina’s character development holy shit. > arrives at robin’s camp to learn her heart is missing? > OK BUT IS EVERYONE ALL RIGHT WAS ANYONE HURT HOW IS ROLAND. > zelena wants to travel back in time to kill princess eva? HOLY SHIT EMMA THAT MEANS YOU WON’T BE ALIVE AND NEITHER WILL HENRY and someone has to explain to her that it means she’d also be gone. the level of selflessness that regina had going on this episode was incredible.
  • this is exactly what zelena should be used for as a villain: making regina feel for snow and understand what it felt like to be persecuted like snow was, so that their relationship can be mended. in this ep, regina not only stood up to her mother but she did it to protect snow white with her own life. i can’t even express how proud i am of regina mills rn.
  • deconstructing the black/white ideas of good/evil laid down in season 1. emma’s “i thought our family was the good guys??” comment really hammered this in. the word of the day is “complicated” and we’re really beginning to understand that ouat is not about good/evil; it’s about the grey areas in between and how love can bring people out of the darkness.
  • snow’s commentary about eva not being that person when she knew her was 100% about regina no longer being the evil queen or being steeped in darkness either and that’s beautiful. people do not have to be defined by their pasts; emma is no longer defined by her past pain, hook no longer needs to be defined by his, regina is moving past hers, and RUMPLE
  • HOLY SHIT RUMPLE GUYS. he had the opportunity to repeat his mistake and have someone use magic to get his son back and he said no. neal died so that rumple could FIGHT and he chose to do that instead of being the self-interested bastard he’s always been. he stared the offer of his happy ending in the face and he said no because it would be wrong. what a fucking hero.
  • belle was on her a-game can we talk about belle. sassing regina, getting all up in her grill and talking about how she is not oBLIGATED to play sidekick to anybody’s game like damn gurl. regina apologizing so genuinely. belle using her brains to be the one who figured it all out. holy shit. 
  • hook touching emma on her way out of regina’s, emma accepting and welcoming the intimacy, hook having to back off UGH MY EMOTIONS the way he’s trying so hard to keep himself at a distance 
  • AND THE WAY EMMA IS NOTICING IT. emma, who is so light and happy and free right now, who feels like she’s on top of the world and has confidence and feels loved and has finally broken the shackles of her past. she is noticing hook isn’t ok and she’s using the thing they’d just bonded about to try and cheer him up: her magic. she knows he loves it about her, she knows he thinks it’s great, and mostly importantly SHE WANTS TO SHARE THIS STEP IN HER LIFE WITH HIM. he’s a part of her life now and she’s inviting him to be a part of it by sharing in her success and progress and showing it off to him. she wants him to be happy for her and she wants to make him smile. 
  • dat outlaw queen kiss tho.


robin loses regina’s heart and the first thing she asks is if anyone is hurt



And my internal 12 year old wants to ask why he had to cross his legs?  I mean, it couldn’t have been because Emma was holding his wrist, could it?


"I’m not here to flirt…"
1x02 + 3x18

captain swan + that one time he pulled away from her touch


'A Curious Thing' - Promo




i’ve watched this like 17 times

who beatboxes at a goat

a wise person