makorra from almost two years ago HA i’m the worst

i guess i could say this is in honor of the dizzie-versary?? i think i drew this right after it actually happened last year too hah

tried soft shading and gave up way too early

more WIPs! they just keep getting incriminatingly older omg

mu and chrom (top) and mu (bottom)

more WIPs, this time for SNK!

shingeki no mafia ft. mafiaboss!eren, righthand(wo)man!mikasa, and strategist!armin (top) and some random mikaren (bottom)

i had the entire universe of snmafia planned out last summer but got really lazy oop


since i apparently haven’t done anything but reblog stuff for an absurdly long time, here are some WIPs to prove i’m not dead

scorose (top) and scorpius aging up (bottom)

i’m thinking of illustrating each chapter of one of my favorite scorose fics as a long term side project (to force myself to draw lmao), so that’s what the bottom reference is for

It’s madeleinewitt's 21st birthday today!! Everyone spam her with love please and thank you.

Madeleine you are actually the sweetest, most genuine person I know and I am so glad I got the chance to meet you or else we couldn’t be sharing this super secret secret (p.s. pls don’t reblog thanks xoxo)

Anyway I quickly scribbled this and threw some color on it (can you tell I did not reference anything especially the ukulele) because I love you and this was really fun <3

dizzie quotes 2/?  » pemberley digital
dizzie quotes 1/?  » collins & collins

Hogwarts Trio 2.0: Al Potter (Slytherin), Scorpius Malfoy (Gryffindor), & Rose Weasley (Ravenclaw)

I swear there’s a story behind their houses that makes sense I’ll just never get around to writing it ;;

Super sorry for the epic inactivity lately — much love xoxo and happy holidays for everyone celebrating rn! <33

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"Missed you."
"Korra, I’ve only been gone for ten minutes."

Korra keeps finding excuses to kiss Mako. He certainly isn’t complaining.

I haven’t posted any real art in ages augasdkjflk I’m sorry if you actually follow me for that but lol who actually follows me for that

On dA here