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How to attract the Avatar: Have at least one dead parent and wear an item, given to you by your dead parent, around your neck

This person must also be the source of a shipping war, in which half the fandom ships said character/Avatar and the other half ships character/someone who has been betrayed by their father and lost their mother.

"History will be kind to me for I intend to write it."
-Winston Churchhill

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I found this somewhere and just too many feels. (It’s like 10x sadder while listening to the song)
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Last words.


(images were edited to emphasize the lights)

The view from space shows the known urbanized areas in the world of Avatar!

Republic City and the cities of the United Republic is the most urbanized nation as shown in the map. Aunt Wu’s village (as shown by the bright dot) is also a city now. Below is probably Merchant’s Pier where the met the pirates and the Harbor Town in The Storm. Seaport Village is the place where the prisoners from Haru’s village were boarded to the Fire Nation ship.

As you may have noticed Ba Sing Se is a HUGE mega city and if you look closely there’s an illuminated road leading to Chameleon bay. Gaoling, Toph’s hometown also seemed to be urbanized now. Omashu doesn’t show any lights so it’s safe to say it’s preserved its original state.

The Southern Water Tribe’s advancement is also very visible in space but we can observe there’s actually two cities not just one.

The Fire Nation seemed to be still in daytime and the Fire Nation Capital isn’t visible. Su Jin, Piandao’s village got some visible lights as well as Hama’s village, the fire fountain city where Toph gambled, and also the village where Aang enrolled in grade school.

There seemed to be urban settlements in Air Nomad territories and we don’t know anything about them. In general, a lot of urban centers are located near bodies of water, which is realistic.


Minimalistic Gaang; + Fire Nation Clothing 


i think when mai asks katara how does she expect to fight without her bending, that reveals more about mai’s perspective as a nonbender to other benders (most specifically azula). 

like the fire nation prized and upheld firebending (one could ask, has there other been a non-bending firelord?) and so mai would have grown up with that and also the realization (the dawning realization) that azula surrounded herself with nonbenders to feed her superiority complex.

fire nation culture told mai at every opportunity that bending (which seems to have been primarily coded in an imperialistic context, especially at the end of the series when azula’s answer to dominate the earth kingdom was to just burn it down and also their military has always been comprised as benders, i think) was what made people strong—mai probably believed that benders did not work as hard, did not train as hard as people like mai or ty lee did to fight — and when it’s gone, then what? 

mai’s statement reveals that instead of buying into the idea that firebending was primarily the only strength that mattered, she sees bending as a weakness that can be exploited. 


i’ve also been thinking a lot lately about how bryan treats the fans. (i would say bryke, but from what i’ve seen, bryan tends to be the snarkier one making comments.) and it’s just…. i mean, i should have saw this attitude coming. he’s always been pretty dismissive and in my opinion, totally unprofessional.

like i went back and watched that joke video they made, using shipping fanart to make fun of shippers. (mostly zutara)

and i just… man. what if you were a kid, maybe 14 or 15, and you loved a show so much you drew fanart? you loved the characters so much that you shipped a pairing that seemed impossible? and you put all that love and admiration into pictures, even if you’re not the best artist, you still tried and you were proud of it anyways. you drew them hugging and kissing and even if someone else would look at it and see clumsy lines, you saw your own growth and felt inspired to make more.

then it gets into the hands of the creators. what an honor!!! you’re freaking out, maybe embarrassed, maybe excited- and then they start making fun of it. mercilessly. you put so much love and time into being a fan of their show, and they turned around and spit on it just to make people laugh. and at the end of the video, they deliberately shame you- “Thanks for all the fanart! wait, thanks for most of it. some of it. definitely not this fanart, though. we don’t thank you for that, get a life.”

that would crush my SOUL. i would feel so ashamed, i would feel like such a terrible artist that i would put down the colored pencils and never draw again. i would remember it forever, and always be insecure. i don’t know how i could pick up a pencil again, try again, without thinking of that public shaming and cringing.

that’s so unprofessional. you’d think they’d maybe, yanno, mature a bit since then, but seeing that re-posted on bryan’s tumblr with the typical “white cis dude making a point” dictionary reference to a joke just shows, no, he doesn’t regret it at all, and actually he thinks it’s so trifling that anyone who disagrees is over-sensitive and needs humor explained to them.

i don’t know why i ever respected them or expected professionalism. my chest hurts for those artists, and i couldn’t even imagine doing that to someone who admired me that much. i would be overjoyed to have ANY fanart drawn of my stories… smut, goofy stuff, pretty stuff, just-starting-out-clumsy art. i would cherish them. the idea that they have such little respect for their fans… it’s so telling. they don’t even have a problem reducing them to a complete joke.

and that’s why i laugh when fandom trips over itself to “protect” their feelings and “don’t criticize them so brutally!! they work so hard!! be nice about it!! what if they see this??”

man, fuck that. fuck their feelings. even if i wanted to, i highly doubt even the most eloquent and pointed constructive criticism could pierce their ego.