fictional couples who are on a permanent last name basis


fictional couples who only ever use each other’s title or rank


fictional couples who then use each other’s first names in times of high stress or really intimate, heartwarming moments


Fullmetal Alchemist Wrap Up Review aka I try and fail to express the depth of my feelings and capture the amazingnesss i cannot sobs


I really can’t put into words what Fullmetal Alchemist means to me as narrative but I’m going to try. 

It’s really, truly one of the narratives of my heart. I want to create something an eighth as great as it someday. Whenever I think of it, there’s always something to make me happy- it just gives me joy on a deeper level. 

It’s just so completely rare to see a story that truly respects all of its characters, giving attention to each and every one, even the minor ones, that their accomplishments and struggles were all important and amazing in their own way. It could have been a story about two tormented brothers who were all wrapped up in each other without focusing on anything else- there’s a gajllion stories like that- but instead it chose to focus on this diverse cast of characters and gave them all great development and story arcs- including SO MANY AWESOME LADIES AND PEOPLE OF COLOR I just gotta say- so rare to find so many that are so well-rounded and treated so well. 

For example, in the hands of most other writers, Winry would have been diminished because she was a noncombatant only important in her role as love interest, only important as support to the Elrics, her being taken hostage would be to further their narratives rather than hers- but Arakawa makes her a fully developed character with her own important arc, respecting her every step of the way, with ever scene she’s in furthering her own narrative more than anyone else’s. AND I LOVE THAT. Most writers would have forgotten about Nina and Hughes soon after their deaths. But Arakawa never does anything carelessly, everything is always important and vital and done with love and respect for every character, and love and respect for her audience as well. This narrative drove home for me more than any other narrative that everyone is important, nobody is insignificant. 

Moreover the narrative itself is so well thought out, so intricate, with every detail being important and so many different stories woven together and so many things planned far in advance coming full circle, with such thematic consistency. I love the humor, I love the drama, I love that it made me laugh from my belly, I love that it broke my heart but never made me feel hopeless…and the art is amazing too, in both the manga and the Brotherhood anime, and the anime’s music and voice acting is great too. 

It told a story that deals with so many different things- different cultures coming together, oppression and war, disability, “otherness”, the nature of humanity, family, recovering from tragedy, the good and bad aspects of religion, of science, revenge, the nature of sin itself, family- and it does it all well, for the most part. The scope is just amazing. It’s a story about the world, about everyone. 

And I just love some of the themes and messages, they are delivered so well and some of them resonate more deeply with me than they do in any other narrative 

I love the theme that anger is okay and forgiveness isn’t necessary, it’s just important to keep going and try to change things and not let the bad that’s happened to consume you and make you abandon who you are. That’s something I really needed to hear, and you really don’t see it said much-respect for anger, the message you don’t have to let go of it completely. 

I loved that it was acknowledged that the idea of “redemption” is sometimes impossible, that there are some things you can’t make up for, but that doesn’t mean you’re worthless. You should just acknowledge that and try to help and do good things regardless- not because YOU will get any forgiveness or satisfaction out of it, but simply because it’s the right thing to do and the best way to use your life. You shouldn’t stop living because you made a terrible mistake, instead, you should use your life for good. 

I love the real respect for life itself that shines in every corner of the narrative, as well as the respect for the wishes of people who don’t want their loved ones to sacrifice for them, the people who aren’t necessarily always in the battlefield. The whole point of the manga is that Ed knew that sacrificing his life for Al or anyone would be an incredibly cruel and selfish thing to do because it would rob Al of his only family. Condemning Al or Winry to that was NOT FAIR TO THEM. He actually considered and respected them and their feelings and choices, that this is not something they would want. Ed knew from experience that was worse than death. So he didn’t go in for that- he knew it would only be worth it if he could find a way to save Al and be there for him- that if they couldn’t go home to Winry, what was the point of the entire thing in the first place? These characters saw that with the clarity that few protagonists ever do. So Ed had to find a way not to take the easy way out, and find the “right answer”. It’s easy to die for someone. It’s much harder to live for them. 

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