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hope you don't mind me asking, the THG fandom doesn't seem to like "Mockingjay" as much as the first two books, do you know why? And what's your personal opinion on "Mockingjay"?


yeah it’s been a while since I’ve read it but iirc people hated

  1. the epilogue, for giving katniss kids and seeming as “happily ever after”ish as you can get in this universe
  2. "unnecessary" deaths
  3. some plot choices? i can’t remember which, but since mockingjay has a lot to do with the war and war preparation in a dystopian universe… i think collins did a lot of things that were different than what people were expecting
  4. the pacing being a bit weird, which made the story feel unrealistic
  5. katniss’s first person pov limiting the reader’s need to understand what was going on in the rest of panem beyond what she knew
  6. just the overall writing i think has been criticized as not as good as thg, or even cf

mockingjay isn’t my favorite book of the three but i also dont hate it and it kind of makes me sad when i see that text post going around about how people want the mockingjay movies to be completely different from the book. the only thing i had a severe negative reaction toward (as a critic and not a reader) was the epilogue for reasons that are outlined in the post i just reblogged

as for the rest of it i actually didnt hate it at all and i was shocked that so many people did? i liked that it tackled mental illness and ptsd, i liked that it was gritty and dark, i like that annie and finnick’s relationship was established and we got to MEET annie so we know now that she isnt simply some “poor mad girl,” i like that it tore down characters we thought were infallible and some got to rebuild themselves but others were lost tragically and that’s sad but realistic, i like that collins kept it real by ensuring the audience knew none of her characters were safe because it puts everything on the line for the reader and imo that’s good storytelling, i like that the leader of the resistance was an asshole that the text acknowledged needed to be gotten rid of, i like that katniss grew up to learn how to play her cards right like when she “votes” yes to another hunger games (anyone who thinks she actually meant it seriously and didnt realize it was a ploy to get coin’s trust, smh).

to address a big concern, i also don’t think the deaths were “useless” as people are claiming because like, fuck, it’s war? you can’t keep people alive in a story just because you want them to be? deaths dont have to have a narrative purpose and indeed, some wont? so that criticism does not and will never makes sense to me tbh. the only mockingjay death that was given significant meaning for later use in the story was prim’s (rue and cinna’s deaths motivated her too ofc but mockingjay in particular has been criticized for unnecessary deaths so ill concentrate on those). finnick dying got a lot of people upset, and not just because they were sad to see him go but because they thought it was poor writing that his death didnt serve a ‘purpose’ or something. collins is criticized as “killing characters off for the fun of it” and you cant really accuse her of doing that without accusing jkr of the same thing because if nobody the audience cared about died then… what’s the point in the reading if everybody’s safe at the end. so i never really understood that argument

kind of went off there but yeah i did like a lot about it, but i think on the whole, i’m kind of lukewarm on the book itself? it’s just that i like a lot of small, and some big, things that happened in the final book, but the rest of it was all kind of a blur of stuff i didnt care about, as opposed to say catching fire, where i cared pretty much about all of what was happening, which of course is ideal. the writing in mockingjay was okay, but the pacing was weird. it kept me on my toes, but there were some long stretches of nothing happening that i dont think fondly of because i cant legitimately remember what happened or why i should care what filled those pages. so i dont know, i guess i’d give it a 7 out of 10 (to compare, i give the same score to thg, and i’d give cf about a 9, maybe 8.5). but i think i tend to be generous with my scores so maybe that means nothing idk